Fees And Billing

All claims will be processed through insurance. We partner with all insurance carriers.

– The drive through testing will not charge any copay.

– The onsite visit requires copay payment.

– A traveler’s fee is required for all concierge services.

– Rapid is $30 when getting it with PCR or $50 if you’re not getting PCR. You will be responsible for the copay.

– IV Drips are not covered by insurance.

– Please check with your insurance if you are responsible for any deductible.

How Does It Work?

1. Register here. Please have handy your ID and insurance information.

2. Select the location you want the service to take place.

3. Pick the services you are getting.

4. Choose appointment time.

5. Sign our disclosure agreement

6. Receive email confirmation via my chart.

7. After service is completed, access my chart to review discharge instructions and lab results.

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