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More than Interaction. It’s About Engagement.

Discover the passion, dedication, and innovation driving Redprint.


Experience First. Always.

As a former architect turned software designer/engineer, we’ve always had passion for two things; the way we experience, feel in, and interact with physical spaces, and innovative/disruptive tech. Our mission with Redprint is to enrich the experience a guest has with a space, by introducing a new metaphysical layer that unlocks new opportunities.

Our commitment to venues.

Our commitment to venues.

We recognize that a venue is more than just infrastructure—it’s a hub of engagement where memories form, experiences are crafted, and business thrives. With this understanding, our commitment to venues is clear and steadfast. We provide advanced NFC technology solutions tailored to elevate the functionality and efficiency of your space, seamlessly integrating with existing systems. Our approach ensures that every seat optimizes engagement, offering guests a personalized experience while delivering valuable data-driven insights for your management.

Our promise to guests.

Our promise to guests.

As a valued guest, your experience is central to everything we do at Redprint. We understand that when you attend an event or visit a venue, you’re seeking more than just a seat—you’re after a seamless and memorable journey. This is why we’ve harnessed advanced NFC technology to transform your in-venue experience. With Redprint, you can expect tailored interactions that offer convenience at every turn, from instant seat recognition to prompt on-demand services. Your safety and privacy matter to us; rest assured, we’ve implemented top-tier security measures to protect your data. With us by your side, you’re not just attending an event—you’re experiencing the future of live engagements.

Our dedication to sponsors.

Our dedication to sponsors.

To our esteemed sponsors and partners, we value the integral role you play in enriching the event landscape. Recognizing the ever-evolving dynamics of audience engagement, we’ve tailored our NFC technology solutions to offer you enhanced visibility, precision-targeted interactions, and real-time feedback from attendees. With Redprint, you can be confident that your brand or message is delivered in the most effective and immersive manner possible. We prioritize transparency, offering you comprehensive data insights to gauge ROI and optimize future engagements. Together with Redprint, let’s co-create event experiences that not only amplify your brand but also resonate deeply with the audience.

Ready to Transform Your Venue?

By increasing engagement through incentivized physical interactions, we can offer more value out of any experience, and introduce detailed spatial usage data to the hosts of those spaces for the first time.