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Where Venues Come Alive.

A simple tap of your phone to unlock an unparalleled digital experience in a physical space.


Unlock the complete experience.

We combine NFC technology (the same thing as tap-to-pay) and a one-of-a-kind mobile app to bring venues, guests, and partners closer than ever before.

For guests.

Experience venues like never before. Dive into interactive features, exclusive backstage views, and direct communication with your favorite entertainment.

For venues.

Transform your space into dynamic landscapes, with opportunities to surprise guests at every corner. Craft tailored experiences, gain insights into guest preferences, and elevate your venue’s reputation.

For sponsors.

It’s time to truly connect. Create campaigns that resonate, engage directly with your audience, and see tangible results from your investments.

The Redprint Promise.

Physical venue experiences are limited to the walls they are confined within. We harness the power of digital to create boundless memories.

Memorable Engagements

Interact with venues, performing artists, athletes, and sponsors in more meaningful ways than ever before.

Elevated Partnerships

Venues and sponsors seamlessly collaborate to elevate the guest experience.

Next Level Experiences

With added features, functionality, and convenience, we changing the way memories are made.

Transformed by Redprint.

Discover what our customers are saying about our app and how it’s helped them connect.


Incredibly helpful.

This app has changed the way I go to the gym and keep track of all of my workouts. It’s also so comforting for a beginner to go into the gym and not fear looking stupid because you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s like a handheld gym assistant. Better than anything else I’ve used.



Ready to Transform Your Venue?

By increasing engagement through incentivized physical interactions, we can offer more value out of any experience, and introduce detailed spatial usage data to the hosts of those spaces for the first time.